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Phase 1


After the initial consultation, your artwork will be examined.

Our approach


Send us a message to schedule a consultation. If you have images of your object, we may be able to give you a sense of the treatment involved before meeting in person.

Once a consultation has been scheduled, your object will be assessed and photographed. A brief condition estimate report of the painting or frame will be created and micro-testing may be performed in order to establish a treatment plan tailored to your artwork. In-depth condition reports suitable for exhibitions, loans, and acquisitions are available upon request.


The treatment plan will be discussed and decided upon in conjunction with the owner. All treatments will be documented and adhere to the Conservation Code of Ethics.


After the treatment is completed, the object will be photographed, packaged for transportation, and returned along with a report detailing the conservation of the object. 

Restauratieatelier Schilderij restauratie lion and tiger den haag amsterdam
schilderij restauratie lion and tiger

Conservation costs

The cost of a conservation treatment depend on many factors. They are mainly related to the type and size of the artwork, the painting techniques, previous restorations and of course the extent of damages. The honorarium of Lion and Tiger is 65€ per hour (excl. 21% BTW).


We are committed to highly personalized, discreet client relationships and to ensuring the most informed collecting and maintenance of old master, modern and contemporary painting. Our clientele include private and corporate collections, museums, galleries, private dealers, auction houses, art advisors and insurance companies. Projects range from an individual artwork to large collections and exhibitions.

By working with Lion and Tiger, a gallery or private dealer can provide potential buyers with expert information about the condition of an artwork and collectors can enter into a purchase aware of what maintaining a particular work of art entails. Examination can be carried out on-site at a gallery or collector’s home or in our studio. Our conservators are available before and during art fairs and auctions to provide technical information and objective condition assessments.

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